What We Wear

One of the things that makes Scouting different from many youth organisations is that we have a uniform.  The uniform is different for each section:

Beaver Scouts – turquoise sweatshirt
Cub Scouts – dark green sweatshirt
Scouts – dark green shirt, navy activity trousers and Scout belt

We also have available our own 16th Spen Valley t-shirt which is ideal for wearing under Scout shirts for changing after formal ceremonies to take part in games and activities.

Scout Necker

 Each Scout Group has a scarf (necker) in its own colours.  In out case the necker is sky blue with a light brown border.  The necker is tied with a plastic, leather or bound woggle.

 Uniforms can be purchased online at http://shop.scouts.org.uk/ or see any leader who will be able to help with local suppliers.